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Sawbrook Reorganizes to Meet Future Steel Castings Needs

On February 13, 1973 Sawbrook  Steel Castings Company underwent a complete reorganization and refinancing program. John C. Beyersdorfer purchased majority stock interest in the company and assumed responsibilities of board chairman and president. 

The reorganization was made possible through the efforts and active cooperation of company employees. As part of the reorganization, arrangements were made to satisfy all outstanding creditors debt. 

Up until the 1990s, Sawbrook Steel's molding was all green sand and large mold floor ramming molding. This was done by green sand cope and drag machines, squeezer molding and large mold floor ramming. As Americans watched much of the higher production smaller size parts start to be moved overseas, Sawbrook found it necessary to change direction and look at other types of sand molding. During the early 1990s, Sawbrook Steel added an airset line. While 35% of parts remained green sand the other 65% are made from airset molding. 

A Commitment to Producing the Highest Quality Steel Castings at an Economical Price

In the earlier days Sawbrook Steel Castings Co. was a high production foundry making general-non-upgraded castings. Over time, steel castings have changed to more technology driven innovations which are highly engineered with tight specifications for quality. Today we are a medium volume production foundry which has changed direction to meet the need for these upgraded castings. Some of the markets which require these upgraded types of castings would include bridge and dam building, mass transit, oil field, hardness and impact testing parts and mining equipment. While also diversifying in types of castings and higher engineering, we have added to our metals with higher alloys and low to mid carbon castings. 

With  these changes, Sawbrook has needed to hire a more technical staff to handle and ensure the increased quality and requirements for our customers. Sawbrook Steel's hiring included pattern engineers, engineers with machining background, additional quality control managers, ultrasonic and magnetic particle personnel as well as dimensional accuracy professionals. 
This level of expertise, within every department of Sawbrook Steel Castings Company has helped us earn a reputation for quality. It's what sets us apart from our competition. The difference between success and failure is a great team and Sawbrook has a great team of experts ready and able to help you with all your casting needs. 

At Sawbrook we are committed to producing the highest quality steel castings at the most economical price. For experienced leadership and time-proven performance, Discover the Sawbrook Advantage.